About Us

forensic training solutions, forensic equipment solutions

Our Experience

With over 15 years of policing experience and over 15 years selling equipment and training in the survey industry, Technical Mapping Inc delivers the knowledge, skills, and abilities your workforce requires to conduct business within the Accident Reconstruction field.

Our Approach

Technical Mapping Inc provides forensic equipment, specialized training, and consultation to the niche market of law enforcement and 

its business partners.

Our target group of people are officers and investigators that involve themselves in Accident Reconstruction investigations.

Why Us?

Technical Mapping Inc provides specific services and equipment for your organization.  We don't believe that one solution is suitable for everyone and we work with your specific team to create a process that will work for you!  We want to ensure your team is using the equipment and software CORRECTLY so that scenes are collected efficiently and accurately!

Your success in the field, office, and court is our goal.